The international youth festival of theatrical productions «Russian Proscenium 2021» has started

The International Youth Festival of Theatrical Productions «Russian Proscenium 2021» will be held until November 30 in an online format with the participation of theater groups from 10 (ten) CIS countries and Europe.

The festival is organized on the initiative and with the financial support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Russian Proscenium 2021 online festival aims to develop use, dissemination and promotion of the Russian language as a basis for international dialogue.

As noted by Larisa Markina, one of the members of the jury, Bulgakova theater teacher, Taganka Theater actress: «The festival will allow people from other countries who are already studying Russian to show the depth and beauty of the Russian language, to tell children and young people from different countries about the role of the Russian language, literature and art in the world, as well as inspire those who are just interested in Russian literature to get acquainted with the language of great writers — Pushkin, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.»

Russian Art Festival program includes a competition and special events, including webinars on how to put Russian classics and discussions about changing the perception of the Russian cultural code through the prism of synthetic art.

The competition will be held among theater groups with participants aged 12 to 22 years from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Latvia and Lithuania. Amateur groups can also take part in the competition.

The organizing committee and the jury of the competition will select at least 20 theatrical productions before November 26, 2021. As part of the competition, an open vote is provided — visitors to the official website of the festival will be able to give their assessment of the video performances.

The jury will review video recordings of productions based on the works of Russian writers and evaluate works in 4 nominations: «Best Director», «Best Musical Accompaniment», «Best Male Performance», «Best Female Performance». The winners will be announced during the award ceremony on November 30 on the website of the online festival.

Munich Metro. 13 Nov 2021

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